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Mar 18 2013

Since the Lord blessed Duffy with a complete recovery from his battle with kidney cancer in 2009, Duffy and Pam have been busy educating people on common sense environmentalism.  With their newly formed organizations CFACTSoCal and Friends for Saving California Jobs, these two individuals have been traveling throughout California, Educating, Motivating and Activating people to the truth about California Cap and Trade , Agenda 21, ICLEI and all the of this catastrophic impact to the state’s economy.

Duffy has contributed articles to the “Christian Examiner”, “World Net Daily”, “Christian News Wire”, “Cal Watchdog”  as well as participating on radio and television to discuss the need for taking back our state and helping businesses and families to prosper in California; not chased out by politicians and radical environmentalists looking to advance their own agenda rather than the livelihood of those living and working in California.

Just released is Duffy’s book, “The Green Tsunami” -A Tidal Wave of Eco-Babble Drowning Us All,  available in paperback at www.createspace.com and  www.amazon.com.  This book presents a timeline of how the United States went from the innocence of Earth Day in 1970 to the frightening radical environmental movement of today as Global Warming/Climate Change was being quietly perpetuated by the United Nations.  They made their inroads working through cities across America introducing “sustainability”  programs with names such as ICELI, Agenda 21, Cap and Trade, Smart Meters, Common Core Education and Property Rights and much more.  As you are educated by reading the truth, get motivated and learn the action steps you can and must take to help stop this disaster drowning America from coast to coast.

In California, the California Air Resources Board(CARB) is an example of an unelected group of individuals controlling the state’s economy with rules and regulations (such as the implementation of Cap and Trade) all for the supposedly ‘green’ good of the environment.  In reality, this is yet another attempt of government control over our lives with little, if any, impact on the environment but rather a huge and complex burden on the state’s economy and jobs.

We must stop the progression of California” Cap and Trade” in the state, before it or even worse a “Carbon Tax” becomes implemented across our nation by an Executive Order.   Make no mistake, these actions strip away the freedoms and liberty we know and love.

If you want to discuss this in more detail or schedule Duffy to for a speaking engagement or  interview, please email ladyduffy@duffyandcompany.net.

UPDATE:  The California Chamber of Commerce filed a lawsuit against CARB declaring Cap and Trade to be illegal.  The case is pending.  Assemblywoman  Shannon Grove (R) 34th District has  introduced AB245 — CARB’s Open Meeting Transparency… specific to their agreement with Canada under WCI, Inc. (Western Climate Initiative) and the trading of carbon credits, etc.  Contact your State Assembly and Senate to support Assemblywoman Grove’s bill  AB245!

God Bless America!


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WELCOME To Duffy and Company and WDO

Mar 15 2013

Members of the ‘Not So Silent Majority’ – “Welcome to our website.”

This is the official home for “Duffy and Company” and The Warren Duffy Organization (WDO).

“Duffy and Company, Live from L.A.” was the name of the1994 to 2004 radio program on KKLA, Los Angeles . . .Some of you visiting our site may have been listeners.

The Warren Duffy Organization produced the radio program and is the formal name of the company founded by Duffy in 1988 and still in operation. WDO is a consulting firm for public relations, communications, marketing and fund raising.

Learn more about all of Duffy’s activities since leaving the radio, like his torus, speaking events and writings.

Thanks for visiting and come back often!

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